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"C & M Consulting and Management"
is a company who acts in the segment of assembly and real estate management of enterprises and businesses, enclosing the following sectors.

  • Residential enterprises
  • Commercial Enterprises
  • Hotels Enterprises
  • Factories
  • Sheds

Directed by the Eng. Claudio Moyses, "C & M" work with professionals and companies specialized in each branch of performance, so that the enterprise in question can be carried through in the lesser cost, inside of the established stated period and respecting the specified quality.

  To have greater security in acting in the market of real estate enterprise, is a necessary factor for who invest or desires to invest in this sector, either in residential, commercial, hotels or industrial enterprises. As the old doctor of the family, the C&M guides the investor about all the process and it assists him in the act of contract of the diverse necessary companies to the accomplish.